Your Support Requested

This effort to change Michigan's constitution to disallow "referendum-proof" laws started in late 2012 with my founding of Voters FUBR. The campaign committee registration, petition approval, canvasser recruiting, and signature gathering in 2013 were all accomplished by volunteer labor.

Costs since 2012 have included PO box rental, web site hosting and miscellaneous office supplies. The total spent has been about $1700. The total raised was about $1800. (Of that, almost half was contributed by my family.) In order to keep the web site and PO box continuing, we now require a small amount of contributions. About $250 will keep us going on stand-by mode for another year. I'll post an update ASAP if that amount is reached so that you don't contribute funds that don't have a near term purpose.

If you'd like to throw in a little to help reach that amount, please use the "Donate" menu above.

As always, if you have connections with or influence on people or organizations that might want to take this effort and run with it, I'm all ears. I tried everyone I could think of in 2013 and they had "other priorities".

Note: Voters FUBR maintains a campaign finance reporting waiver from the state because we don't spend enough. I intend to keep it that way until there's a concrete plan to follow.

Thank you,
Bill Lucas