Wolf Preservationists Screwed

In December 2012 the State passed Public Act 520, also known as the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, or Wolf Management Act. The new law placed the gray wolf onto the state's game list and authorized the Natural Resources to add further species in the future at their discretion. The legislature previously reserved that authority for themselves (and they still have that power). The NRC was now authorized to establish and regulate hunting seasons for the gray wolf.

Wolf preservationists and environmentalists decided to challenge the new law with a referendum petition. They gathered 250,000 signatures in three months and submitted them to the Board of Canvassers for approval. While those petitions were in the approval process, another nearly identical bill was introduced, this time with an appropriation that would have made it "referendum-proof". The wolf law was about to be treated just like the emergency manager law, where an unassailable replacement was passed as soon as citizens showed their disapproval at the first version.

However, just before the replacement wolf law was signed, the appropriation was removed. This made the second wolf law just as challengable as the first. A second referendum petition drive is currently proceeding.

Why was the appropriation removed? It is the belief of the Voters FUBR organization that the legislative leadership did not want to give more publicity to our petition drive about "referendum-proof" laws. They would rather the second wolf law go down in flames than lose their ability to insulate future laws from voter rejection.

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