Democrats Screwed

Every ten years the country conducts a census. That's used to determine how many U.S. congressional representatives each state gets. It's up to each state government to divide the state up into congressional districts.

Everyone knows that whichever party's in power wants to draw district lines that favor themselves. It's called gerrymandering. Lots of people criticize it, but it happens anyway.

The 2010 census showed that Michigan would lose one representative. In 2011 the State passed the law that re-drew the lines for not only the congressional districts but also the state legislative districts. However, when the State passed the law with the new districts, it attached a meaningless $30,000 appropriation to it. This made the new districts exempt from the public's right to challenge them with a referendum.

What was the result? In the 2012 congressional races, Democratic candidates combined got over 250,000 more votes that Republicans combined, but Republicans won a 9-5 majority of the districts. In the state representative races, Democrats combined received almost 350,000 more votes than Republicans combined, but Republicans won a 59-51 majority of seats.

Democrats are the majority party among Michigan voters, but due to Republican gerrymandering combined with the appropriations loophole in the state constitution, they are the minority party in state government.

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