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This effort to change Michigan's constitution to disallow "referendum-proof" laws started in late 2012 with my founding of Voters FUBR. The campaign committee registration, petition approval, canvasser recruiting, and signature gathering in 2013 were all accomplished by volunteer labor.

When Will People Say "Enough"?

Senate Bill 0013 (2015) would eliminate "straight ticket" voting in Michigan. Whether you vote Republican or Democratic, you would lose the ability to pull one lever or darken one oval and vote for all the candidates of your preferred party. The bill contains a $5 million appropriation for "voting equipment to implement the elimination of straight party ticket voting", even though it's the ballots, not the machine, that would change.

No-Fault Insurance Changes Could Be Shielded From Referendum

New legislation (SB 248) on changes to catastrophic medical claims reimbursement that's working its way through the Michigan legislature has an "Easter egg" in it: a $150,000 appropriation for a new employee to write a report.

It's obvious that this appropriation is a cynical attempt to shield the law, if it's passed, from referendum. The sponsors could claim all they want that it's legitimate, but they'd be lying.

Has the State of Michigan Screwed You?

Has the State of Michigan screwed you with a new law? If you're a pensioner, union member, municipal employee, wolf preservationist, grocery shopper, or Democrat, they probably have. Don't believe it? Here are examples:

Pensioners Screwed

In 2011 the State of Michigan passed Public Act 38, which made pension income subject to the 4% Michigan income tax.

As pensions are planned far in advance, there is no way for a retired person to renegotiate when economics change. The pensions were worked out years or decades ago with the understanding that they were not taxable. They are arguably even protected from diminution in the state constitution. Now, tens of thousands of families have to adjust their household spending to make up for the new tax.

Union Members Screwed

Union members generally don't need anyone to show them examples of how the state government is screwing them. Practically everything that comes out of Lansing or is proposed there is either a blatant or subtle attack on organized labor.

Right-to-Work, Emergency Manager, and state redistricting were all laws that were passed to diminish the rights, pay, and benefits of blue-collar and public sector employees. All of those were passed with meaningless appropriations included in them so as to prevent citizens from using a referendum to challenge them.

Municipal Employees Screwed

In 2011 Michigan passed Public Act 4, also know as the Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act. This law added to the powers of "emergency financial managers", which were originally authorized in 1990.

Democrats Screwed

Every ten years the country conducts a census. That's used to determine how many U.S. congressional representatives each state gets. It's up to each state government to divide the state up into congressional districts.

Everyone knows that whichever party's in power wants to draw district lines that favor themselves. It's called gerrymandering. Lots of people criticize it, but it happens anyway.

Grocery Shoppers Screwed

In March 2011 the state passed the Shopping Reform and Modernization Act, a repeal and replacement of the Item Pricing Act of 1976. The 1976 law was passed in the midst of public anger about bar code scanners charging customers more for items than what was shown on the store shelf in front of the item. Michigan's response was considered the toughest in the nation.

Wolf Preservationists Screwed

In December 2012 the State passed Public Act 520, also known as the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, or Wolf Management Act. The new law placed the gray wolf onto the state's game list and authorized the Natural Resources to add further species in the future at their discretion. The legislature previously reserved that authority for themselves (and they still have that power). The NRC was now authorized to establish and regulate hunting seasons for the gray wolf.


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