Why We're Here

Our group's goal is to amend Michigan's constitution to allow voters to invoke their right of referendum against any law.

In 1908 Michigan added initiative and referendum to its constitution. Initiative is the right of citizens to propose and vote on new laws and referendum is the right of citizens to vote to approve or reject new laws passed by the legislature. Even in 1908 referendum was limited to laws which did not have certain appropriations (spending) in them. The idea, presumably, was that you didn't want citizens to interfere with the ability of the state to pay its bills or manage its budget.

In the last 40 years, however, conflicts have arisen over what was meant by the protection of appropriations from referendum. Lately this protection has been interpreted to apply to any law that has any appropriations. The result has been the passage of laws with token amounts of appropriations that make the laws unchallengeable.

By amending the constitution we can give voters full referendum rights while still protecting any actual appropriations that might be contained in them. The Amendment page has details about exactly how the constitution would change. We feel it is just the right balance between protecting state funding and maintaining citizens' right to self-government.

We hope to gain your support to pass this proposal on the November 2016 [edited] ballot. Feel free to sign up to our Mailing List to receive updates on our progress. If you like you can donate to our effort via PayPal or by check. Please see our Donations page for more info.

-- Bill Lucas, Founder, Voters FUBR